About us

Generate more revenue through app marketplaces

We’re on a mission to make it accessible to any tech company to play by the rules of today’s world – by growing their product into an app ecosystem.

Our story

Heedjy was founded in late 2021, with the knowing that building an app ecosystem from the ground up is a privilege of a few. It’s like you could do it with a template, but the template did not exist. 

Heedjy was born out of this assessment. 

Heedjy is the App Marketplace as a Service tool that will change the trajectory of your software business. 

Our assessment

With the explosion of software tools, we fiercely believe that the winners of tomorrow are those who will be the most integrated and interoperable. 

In a world with more than 100,000+ B2B SaaS products, you cannot think of creating value as a standalone product anymore. You have to do it with others. You have to think of yourself as part of a larger ecosystem that your customers can leverage to address their own specific needs. 

Integrations do just that. They expand the world of possibilities for customers, starting from your core features and leveraging those of your partners. In the process, interoperability cuts down time and effort to share data and processes between apps your customers choose to use. 

To succeed, you have to build that ecosystem for yourself, by partnering with the right companies to address your customers needs over their entire tech stack. 

We’ve been there, it’s time consuming, costly, frustrating and it puts your entire business at risk if you don’t get it right from the start. 

We spent countless hours of our time trying to meet the standards set by market leaders pumped with billions of dollars. We were exhausted by the process. But we learned that, the feature plan to roll out your ecosystem is always the same:

- Build an app directory
- Build a developer portal 
- Build an admin interface. 

Instead of spending years building and maintaining in-house infrastructure, you can rely on Heedjy to launch an app marketplace in a fraction of the time. By doing so, you maintain and intensify your natural advantages, unlocking the ability to serve more customers without losing speed or focus.

The goal for Heedjy is to handle all the complicated undifferentiated complexity that every app ecosystem needs. It runs "under the hood" and lets you focus on building unique product features.

Our Team
We're backed by wonderful business angels (really), and some of the best VCs worldwide.
Our operational team is composed of experienced people, each one has +10 years in the B2B Software industry. Yeah, we're all above 35 :)

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