Be less overwhelmed.

Breathe. Your DIY tool set for managing partner integrations? We’ve got that.
Heedjy is a new way to work on integrations with your partners in one place.
Automate your approval workflow, avoid back-and-forths email threads,
and engage together in value-adding activities.

Join the network of B2B SaaS
and System Integrators

Never say “we’re coming back to you soon” again

Optimize your workflows. Effortlessly create workflow templates to standardize best practices and ensure the right people provide feedback at the right time.

  • Tailor your workflows to your needs
  • Ensure the right reviewers work at the right time
  • Share feedback with your partners

Submit once, update multiple times

All versions, comments, and replies are saved so you always have access to the who, what, and when for audit and compliance purposes.

  • Compare versions instantly
  • Version management with ease
  • Always audit ready

Crystal clear visibility

Transparency is critical in the review process so you can accurately gauge costs, quality of work, and timelines. Get immediate and complete project visibility, from end-to-end.

  • A single source of truth for all feedback and approvals
  • Stay up to date of approval status
  • Enhance productivity with Insights
Reduction in time spent managing review
and approval of partner integrations
Fewer versions before final approval
Less time to get partner integrations

Set up Heedjy in 3 minutes

Configure your existing process. Set up your brand colors and logo. Integrate with your existing tools. Then share the link!