Grow your
Product into an
App Ecosystem

Start selling to more customers with just a few clicks.
Launch your app marketplace and your partner portal in minutes instead of months.

Enable more apps to bring more value to your users

Manage your ecosystem with no hassle

Heedjy is an all-in-one solution for building and managing your ecosystem.

Centralize all app marketplace operations into a single interface where your internal team work is shared, secured and tracked.

  • Invite cross-functional teams and manage their roles
  • Build a custom app submission and approval workflow
  • Monitor with the Analytics & Notification system
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Launch apps at record speed

Because first impressions matter, nurture your community of developers to build and manage their apps with a branded portal.

Build and monitor apps in a collaborative way, without back-and-forth requests.

  • Let partners monitor app usage and installs
  • Unlimited user invites per company
  • Conversations along the app lifecycle
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Sell apps to your customers

Showcase apps directly to your customers. Get customer feedback on apps, and drive real revenue from partnerships.

Heedjy has a set of building blocks for quickly adding merchandising features to your app marketplaces. You’ll be shipping quickly with a market-proven solution for your customers.

  • Certification process
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Audience profiles
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Ready for a business platform your ecosystem love?

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