Scale your
App Ecosystem

Heedjy is the only app marketplace solution that helps B2B saas companies to expand
their product ecosystem quickly and efficiently, without comprimising quality and customer experience.

Launch and grow an app marketplace at scale

Increase business efficiency

Centralize all your operations in one place:
third party apps, native integrations, custom solutions, ipaas and so on, Heedjy allows you to manage all in one place.

  • API Credentials management
  • Partner portal for SIs & ISVs
  • Analytics and collaborative features

Improve app data quality

Build trust and customer confidence by managing everything about apps such as versions, compatibility, release notes, and other specific features.

  • Flexible and rich app information management
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Featured apps and Certification process

Optimize the customer experience

Expand your app ecosystem reach by promoting apps on multiple touch points throughout the customer experience, all from within Heedjy.

  • Auto-generated app store
  • Select apps according to criteria and present them anywhere in your product or websites
  • Lead request forms

Ready for a business platform your ecosystem love?

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