Take Partnerships to the Next Level With Shared Pipeline

February 13, 2024

You know the deal - partnerships are crucial, but working together isn't always easy.

Keeping track of joint opportunities, aligning go-to-market strategies, and boosting revenue through coordinated selling has been a struggle. But not anymore!

We're pumped to announce Shared Pipelines, a new feature set to transform how you work with partners:

- Share opportunities, quotes, and deals in real-time to gain end-to-end visibility.

- Jointly address customer needs by bundling complementary offerings.

- Enable coordinated selling motions to unlock new revenue streams.

Shared Pipelines is the game-changer you've been waiting for to take partnerships to the next level. Start today and say goodbye to missed signals, misaligned sales strategies, and leaving money on the table. It's time to unlock the full potential of your partnerships!

Increase Pipeline Visibility With Shared Pipelines

With Shared Pipelines, you'll have insight into how deals are progressing through the pipeline so you can better coordinate your selling efforts.

See Deals Your Partners Are Working On

Get visibility into the deals your partners have in their pipeline. See details like deal value, products involved, timeline, and more. With this shared view, you can spot areas to provide support or look for opportunities to bundle additional offerings. Say goodbye to revenue left on the table because of lack of visibility!

Share Your Deals With Partners

Easily share the deals in your own pipeline with partners so they have full context about what's going on with customers. Share sales enablement content, like product sheets or case studies, to help move deals through the pipeline faster.

Jointly Address Customer Needs

With visibility into each other's pipelines, you and your partners can have strategic discussions on the best ways to meet customer needs. Look for deals where bundling multiple offerings would provide the most value. Share content and coordinate messaging to show customers the combined strength of your partnership. Move beyond basic referrals to truly collaborative selling.

Shared Pipelines provide the foundation for taking your partner relationships to an entirely new level.With real-time visibility and collaborative selling features, you can boost revenue, better serve your shared customers, and build strategic, long-term alliances.

Enable Coordinated Selling Through Real-Time Collaboration

This feature allows you and your partners to work together on deals in real-time. No more missed signals or lack of context - you'll have full visibility into the entire sales process from start to finish.

Share Relevant Content and Bundle Offerings

You can now share sales enablement content like product sheets, case studies and pricing with prospects to show the full value of your partnership. Bundle complementary offerings together for a complete solution that addresses the customer's needs. Show them what you and your partners can accomplish together!

Jointly Strategize and Engage with Buyers

Rather than operating in silos, you and your partners can now strategize together on the best way to engage prospects and move them through the buying journey. Share insights, determine next steps, and divide and conquer to accelerate the sales cycle.

Win More Deals and Drive Revenue

By working hand in hand, you'll uncover more opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. You'll also avoid competing with each other and prevent prospects from playing you against your partners for the best deal. The result? Higher win rates, bigger deals, and more revenue for everyone involved.

The Shared Pipeline gives you a powerful collaboration platform to strengthen your partnerships and achieve mutual success. By breaking down barriers and working together, you can accomplish more than you ever could alone.

Boost Contextual Conversations With Customers

The Shared Pipelines feature allows you and your partners to have more meaningful conversations with customers by providing helpful sales enablement content. This content gives buyers the full context about your partnership and offerings.

Share Relevant Assets

With Shared Pipelines, you can share assets like data sheets, case studies, video testimonials, and product tours that are tailored to the opportunity. For example, if you're working together on an IoT deal, share content that showcases your joint IoT solutions and customer success stories. This makes the value proposition crystal clear for customers.

Speak With One Voice

Most importantly, Shared Pipelines allows you and your partners to deliver consistent and complementary messages to customers. You'll have insight into how your partner is positioning solutions and the language they're using, so you can mirror that in your own communications. This coordinated approach comes across as a unified front and gives customers confidence in the partnership.

The days of disconnected, siloed conversations with customers are over. With Shared Pipelines powering your partnerships, you can have contextual discussions that resonate with buyers, address their needs thoroughly, and convey the true depth of your relationship. This new level of visibility and collaboration is a game-changer for boosting sales and driving revenue with your partners.


Teaming up with partners on deals gives you a competitive advantage. You can coordinate responses to customers, address more needs, and provide a complete solution. This team selling results in higher win rates and larger deal sizes. According to Harvard Business Review, companies that team up with compatible partners to sell collaborative solutions can achieve up to a 95% win rate and deals that are 30-50% larger.

Shared Pipeline helps you strengthen existing partnerships and forge new ones. By giving real-time visibility into the entire sales process with partners, you can upsell, cross-sell, bundle offerings, and boost win rates together. The end result is new revenue streams through partnerships that benefit you, your partners, and your customers.

The time is now to embrace this game-changing capability, activate Shared Pipelines with your partners, and take your partnerships to the next level.

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