Logged-in Marketplace: An Exciting New Way to Connect!

March 8, 2024

How do you track leads from your own marketplace?

With an "anonymous" marketplace, when your customers or prospects request information for an app or additional service, provided in-house or by a partner, they will receive the information and continue the conversation mainly via email. Apart from these exchanges of information, sometimes documents get lost in their mailbox.

On your side, with this process, there is no way of knowing whether the request made on the Marketplace has been processed. Was he answered? If yes, after how long? Is this a qualified lead to convert? You are completely blind. You have no visibility. 

And apart from asking for news directly from the partner or the team in charge internally, you have no way of knowing the response rate and average response time.

However, these metrics are key to optimizing sales. Research shows that fast responses lead to higher conversion rates. According to a study, you are 21 times more likely to convert a lead into an opportunity when responding in five minutes or less. Fast responses lead to more conversions. 78% of customers are more likely to buy from the company that replies first.

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The ideal scenario would ensure communications with interested customers and prospects:

- Are processed 

- In the shortest possible time

- With the right people

- Through an automated process  

- Without partner manager intervention

- But with full visibility to monitor progress and take action if needed

- Without requiring new tools for all involved parties

In an ideal world, this type of seamless process would be quite beneficial, right?

Increase Sales With a Logged-in Marketplace

To address this, Heedjy offers a logged-in marketplace system. This allows any user to create an account on your marketplace.

MACH Alliance example

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on is also supported if one is already in use. This allows SIs, service partners, sales teams, customer success managers, and customers to follow conversations directly with the individuals managing apps or services, whether internal teams or partners.

Email notifications

Of course, email notifications inform stakeholders of new messages. Accounts are not needed simply to request information.

With a logged-in marketplace, conversations can continue securely via the platform after an initial request. 


Solution partners or CSMs can request information on behalf of clients. For example, during a meeting, the client tells them about a need. Let's say, a need to manage payments for the e-commerce site. The solution partner can go to the Marketplace to see if there is a complementary offer that meets this need. He can directly contact all the people in charge of offers that could interest his client. To find his way around, he can give a project name to his conversations, visible only to him.

Documents can be shared and pinned for easy reference. 

Slack integration for you and your partners

While not mandatory, Slack integration allows internal teams and partners to communicate through their preferred tool for added convenience.

On the partner side, Slack integration is also available if they wish to be notified directly in their own Slack. They can chat with your customers from their own Slack, thanks to you! This is a big plus for your customers, undeniably. But it is also a great asset for your partner program, which becomes very attractive compared to the competition and the rest of the market.

Response rate, average response time and more metrics

Heedjy centralizes and allows you to measure the response rate and average response time for each partner. Overall rates are also available and shared with your partners, so that they can position themselves against the average. This works the same way for integrations that you manage internally by your development teams.

Request response oversight ensures unanswered inquiries are flagged within a set window, like 30 minutes. 

You of course have access to the list of all conversations (without messages) and you can be alerted to unanswered requests within X minutes. You can configure 5 minutes if you want! 🙂 Your partners are notified of a request automatically, see our post on lead routing.

Another example with unprocessed leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • "Yeah, that sounds really good, but it sounds really hard to adopt." 

Adoption concerns are understandable but integrating should be simple. The mobile-friendly marketplace allows engagement from any device. 

  •  "Yeah, that sounds really good, but it's probably pretty expensive."

How many opportunities will you close with this? With how much is the cost of human tasks, except chat with leads? Zero. So the ROI is necessarily positive. Our first paid plan starts at 299€ per month. Starting plans are less than one day of resource time per month. So not only is it cheap, but you even save costs. Note: With this Business plan, you benefit from more capabilities of the Heedjy platform. We’ll let you check it out here.

  • "Yeah, that's okay, but it probably doesn't meet our needs for security.”

Our dear CTO is a master of Security. He worked at the French ministry of Foreign Affairs. Check our security page here.


The time is now to embrace this game-changing capability, launch a logged-in Marketplace and direct messaging will take your partnerships to new heights.

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