Advices on building an app ecosystem

September 14, 2022

Implementing an app ecosystem can take a long time to generate direct revenues. Yet, it can be as quick to enhance the value of your product, enable joint-selling / marketing and accelerate your market position. 

Here is some advice on how to build a thriving app ecosystem:

👀 Identify the right organizations to partner with.

Ask yourself the following questions: is the potential usage deep enough to generate strong revenue opportunities for both organizations? Is there a great story to tell with this partnership which makes it highly marketable? 

🔬 Assess the impact of your partnerships on revenue and beyond.

This is always a challenge. Try to identify key metrics such as churn, NPS, customer satisfaction and retention that this partnership could impact. 

🎯 Align both organizations’ goals.

Get partners excited to be a key contributor to your value proposition. Showcase how a partnership could extend their product and transform the value you’d both bring to customers.


🤔 Understand how they collaborate.

Establish cross-team relationships between developers, sales, marketers and product managers. Have an open-line of communication. Celebrate success together. 

💞 Make your partners feel valued.

Increase partner engagement by lowering the barriers to building, accessing and deploying integrations. Empower your community to build on top of your product. 

🤏 Keep it simple.

Get the flywheel rolling with a few strategic partners first. Then expand using the same playbook.  

With Heedjy, make your partners feel you’re the one they should pick. Increase partner engagement with a simplified, fully customizable integration submission process. Foster cross-team collaboration for building apps that transform the value you bring to customers. Showcase joint successes by allowing partners to track usage and installs. 

- Photo by Vardan Papikyan on Unsplash

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