How Heedjy can help you build an App Ecosystem

September 30, 2022
"It is hard to build an ecosystem to grow the business. I’ve been there too, too many times. I understand the pressure to get buy-in within the organization. I know how hard it can be to prioritize a platform strategy. I felt the time constraint to provide results and was desperate to start building an app marketplace from scratch to put the app ecosystem in front of customers. I got fed up because there wasn’t a tool to help me manage the entire workflow. " - Emilie Gieler, founder of Heedjy.

Many in-house attempts to build an app marketplace are abandoned because of delays. Development teams get flooded with requests as complexity rises and issues pop up. As development tasks for core product features pile up, the app marketplace project often ends up in the trash.

Those that get completed often launch up with a 12-months delay and get unsatisfactory results. Most attempts end up missing basic features like reporting and analytics, which make it a nightmare to run. Administrators end up going back to spreadsheets to manage integrations, resulting in crazy high administrative costs and longer wait times for developers to submit apps. 

Many app marketplaces require a complete rewrite of the v.1. In our experience, half product teams do not get the budget to ship the v.2. 

Yet, that app marketplace project can change the trajectory of your business. But you have to get it right from the start. And if you haven’t, you should seriously reconsider your buy v. build decision. 

No matter how advanced your project is, we’ve built Heedjy to support you. We’ve shipped that easy-to-use solution we dreamed of as Product folks, which allows you to launch and maintain your app marketplace platform with no hassle (without any engineering needs), at significantly lower cost than doing it in-house.

- Photo by J W on Unsplash

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