Why you should launch your own app marketplace

September 15, 2022

86% of the Top 100 SaaS companies in the market now feature an integration marketplace. These companies are proudly prioritizing integrations and app marketplace development instead of focusing on their core product as a freestanding solution. Why?

🎯 App marketplaces are where customers are

In 2021, 83% of software buyers say they are likely or extremely likely to purchase through a Marketplace in the future, (+12% yoy).

Customers are looking at integration marketplaces to discover new SaaS because they showcase consumer-ready solutions. This straightforward simplicity makes finding impactful solutions easier and faster.

🩹 Integrations make your product stickier

Products with 4+ integrations have 25 to 30% higher retention than products with no integration at all. 

Extending your product functionality with an app marketplace creates more reasons for customers to continue using it. Customizing for specific business cases and user needs makes your product harder to churn off.

🤩 App marketplaces give you control over your customer experience

Whether your customers want to integrate your product with 1 or 10,000 other apps, building an in-app marketplace allows you to control the quality of your customers’ integration experience with selected partners. 

📈 App marketplaces unlock new revenue opportunities

The Atlassian Marketplace generates over $200 million in sales per year, which is over 20% of Atlassian’s total revenue. 

An app marketplace is an efficient distribution channel for you and your partners. Showcase how much of a connected experience you can offer to your customer, and drive direct revenues from it. Your partners’ solutions are put in front of a targeted customer base within their ICP. 

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